Property in the UK

Why invest in property?

The UK marketplace has always been a place of opportunity, and buying a stable freehold or long leasehold for overseas investors is a major attraction. With the UK government encouraging Chinese residents to enter the UK for holidays, investment and study, investing in property in the UK makes sense for investment and own use.

The UK property market is low risk due to it being a stable, highly in demand and well regulated industry, When markets do have price corrections, London and Home counties are not affected as much and there is always a strong demand for people to live or rent there. Properties are normally sold fast and close to their accurate valuations.

Property not occupied by owners can be a valuable source of income, if managed by the right management company, such as Property Options. Properties rent for 5-10% of their values and even after property management and maintenance costs there is generally always a good profit from renting. The fact that properties in the UK are built to last with no chance of any natural disasters means there will be good long-term capital growth in addition to rental income.

Why invest now?

The market leaders in the UK believe that we are at the end of a slow growth period meaning prices will increase for the next five years as the economy improves and opportunities for young and old increase. There is a shortage of UK property and land is very scarce, so this makes the opportunity for price growth and rental income very good. This will give investors like you the confidence and knowledge to make a stable and safe investment using your hard earned money.

Why invest with us?

The management team of property options have many years of experience in business as well as property investing and advising. They know how important it is to invest in the right property, with each investor having their own unique reasons for investment.

The Property Options management team with their skills, contacts, knowledge, and an overall network second to non, will ensure you utilize these and therefore maximize your returns in the UK property sector (whilst minimizing any risk).